Financial Planning
“We help our clients by creating a road map for their financial future.”


Pre-Retirement Planning

Pre-retirement, we take our clients through a process of financial road mapping.

Post-Retirement Planning

Post- Retirement,our focus is on safeguarding our clients’ income and capital.

Tax Planning

Tax consulting that focuses on reducing tax liability through the planning process.

Estate Planning

We guide our clients through the process of estate and inheritance planning.

Fiduciary Services

We ensure that every clients’ legal documents are at the cutting edge of international best practice.

Risk Planning – Life Cover

Proper life cover will give you peace of mind knowing your family is financially protected.

Risk Planning – Disability Cover

Forecasting the future is impossible but preparing yourself for its twists and turns isn’t.

Critical Illness & Medical Aid

Financial protection for unexpected illnesses.

Young Businesswomen

Investing & Asset Allocation
“Investing excellence is not only about industry and company knowledge, it is also about independent thinking and challenging conventional wisdom.”

Asset Allocation

Economic and investment cycles provide opportunities to add value through forward thinking asset allocation.

Global Diversification

A globally diversified portfolio is normally better positioned to weather large year-over-year market volatility and provide a more stable set of returns over time.

Share Portfolios

We can assist you with the management of your unique equity portfolio.

Behavioral Coaching

We can help you ignore emotional decision making and coach you towards long term growth, through different market cycles.

Investment Consolidation

We can assist you with managing all your investments from a single platform.

Treasury Services

We can help you with the establishment and management of different bank accounts.

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Family Office Services

“Providing direction for multi-generational families.”


Facilitating Family  Conversations

We can assist with managing family expectations.

Family Business Advice

We can assist with the management of your family business.

Wealth Management

We can assist with the protection of your wealth.

Offshore Structures

We can help you with the establishment of your offshore portfolio.

Family Risk Management

Suitable risk planning for your family will give you peace of mind knowing your family is financially protected.

Property Advice

We can assist with the establishment of your property portfolio.